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At Phoenix Cycles we are nerds when it comes to your ride! Our Mechanics are old hands, old school and super experienced. Whether it's a minor adjustment to brakes, a complete strip and rebuild or a firmware upgrade to your Di2, we've got you covered. . . . . . and we don't mind passing on our knowledge along the way.

Spark Service - $150

Fire Service - $229

Phoenix Service - $350

Check & adjust gears Spark + Fire +
Check and adjust brakes Check & adjust gears Full strip and overhaul
Check all nuts and bolts Check and adjust brakes Thorough frame clean
Check bottom bracket Check all nuts and bolts Removal of all components
Lubricate drivetrain Check bottom bracket Clean & degrease
Check wear & inflate tyres Lubricate drivetrain New bar tape
Minor truing of wheels Check wear & inflate tyres Reinstallation of all components
Wipe down of frame Minor truing of wheels  
General inspection of frame Wipe drown of frame  
  General inspection of frame  
  Fully degrease drivetrain:  
  - Chain  
  - Chainrings  
  - Cassette  
  Full true and tension of wheels  
  Bottom bracket overhaul  
  Headset bearings overhaul  
  Intensive frame &
component inspection


Carbon Repair & Fork/Shock servicing is available on request. This work is completed offsite with a third party and is price dependant. A quote will be provided before any work started.

We also offer individual services, so whether it be a full overhaul or just a tube replacement, feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.